Sal earned his BA in Clinical Psychology at Washington College and his MS in Community Mental Health Counseling from McDaniel College. He has a deep commitment to continued education, earning advanced certifications in EMDR. He also serves as a MD board certified supervisor to mental health practitioners earning their supervision hours for licensure.

Sal has provided mental health services in diverse settings. For five years, Sal worked on the acute dual diagnosis unit caring for patients suffering with psychiatric disorders in combination with substance abuse. For six years, he provided mental health services in private practice, counseling children and teens with adjustment, trauma, and anxiety disorders.

As someone who believes in the resilience of the human spirit, Sal had always wanted to become a certified therapist. However, it was after Sal survived a life threatening traumatic event and experienced the restorative benefits of EMDR that Sal was determined to become certified in the therapy. He was trained under the guidance of Deany Laliotis LICSW and Mary French LCSW-C at the Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy.

Sal is passionate about helping individuals find empowerment and resilience by sharing his story with schools, hospitals, small business, and community groups.

Today, Sal works as an EMDR Certified Therapist who treats teens and adults living with anxiety, depression, and trauma disorders.