Family Therapy

There are times when our loved ones want to help but simply don’t know how. In therapy, we recognize that individual well-being is closely connected to family dynamics. Therefore, to help facilitate growth in his clients, Sal works collaboratively with families to promote healing, communication, and positive change.

Family therapy is a valuable and versatile approach that can be effectively used to support clients. Here’s how family therapy will be integrated into treatment:

Family therapy can play a role in helping clients with trauma by addressing its impact on family dynamics. Trauma often affects not only the individual but also their relationships with family members. Family therapy can help family members better understand the client’s trauma and provide a supportive environment for their healing. It can also assist in identifying and changing unhealthy family patterns that might exacerbate trauma symptoms.

Family therapy can be beneficial in addressing anxiety, especially when it stems from family conflicts or dysfunction. Anxiety can be contagious within families, and unresolved family issues may contribute to a client’s anxiety. Family therapy can help identify triggers, improve communication, and create a more supportive and calming family environment, reducing the client’s anxiety.

Family therapy is a valuable addition to the treatment when a client’s issues have an impact on family relationships and dynamics. It can create a more supportive and understanding family environment, which can be instrumental in a client’s overall healing and recovery process.